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The Dynamics of Modern Tennis


With the globalizing world conditions, the dynamics of modern tennis have started to change at the last years. Bigger sponsors, TV revenues and other income sources started to provide a big economy. The sports economy is increasing its share in the world economy day by day. At the same time as the volume increased, the variety of pencils included increased. There has been an increase in betting games, number of competitions made, variety of games, number of participating countries and athletes.

The tennis economy stands out as being a sport but also a revenue generating branch. The tennis competitions serve both sports and economic purposes. Due to the fact that it has an economic perspective, the long tennis matches are shortened and the season is cleaned up by complicated structure, making it easier for the spectator to follow; as in other sports, has been made understandable every year starting in January and continuing until the anniversary.

This system, where the best of the world is evident at the end of the year, aims to increase the quality of main tennis matches and to keep better players on stage. In addition, the rules have been changed to provide more striking shows. Game lengths and episodes have been shortened and reorganized in order not to disrupt the interest of audiences and TV broadcasters.

Federer Factor of Sports World

According to research by Forbes Derbis, Roger Federer has become the fourth most athlete in the world. The volume of the sector, which was 5.4 billion USD in 2011, grew by 3.1% to reach 5.57 USD billion by 2012. The fact that the money prizes given in the competition are high amounts encourages both the athletes and the young athletes to a great extent. Moreover, the size of the award attracts the attention of the audience.

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