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Most Successful Woman Tennis Player of the World


Serena Williams – A real tennis legend

Serena Jameka Williams was born on September 26, 1981 in Saginaw, Michigan, the United States. The career of Serena Williams, who has been laid as the best tennis player ever trained by the United States, is filled with success. Serena Williams is also the youngest professional professional athlete on the courts when she is 14 years old.

Despite using his right hand, Serena Williams outperformed the left-hander’s performance, and he was also attracted by this care. Williams, who was professional in 1995, first became world number one in 2002

Memorable Career

She has 21 Grand Slam championships in his tennis mosque. Apart from this, there are 3 Olympic gold medals in the category of two women and one Olympic gold medal in the category of only women. Williams was once number one in the Australian Open, six times overall. In the French Open, Williams reached the happy ending 2 times and became the most successful athlete in history of the tennis history of the United States, winning 6 championships in the US Open and 5 times in Wimbledon.

Williams, whose career wage percentage was 86.76, has been ranked 5th in the world. The use of his right hand in competitions is a situation that everyone can be aware of when he first sees him. Serena Williams, who was professional at 1995 for 14 years, was the first to become a world-class athlete in 2002. It has continued to protect its number as much as it is sunny. Finally, Serena Williams is an important figure for the woman tennis history. Her sister , Venus Williams, is an also world class tennis player.

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