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Which Tennis Match is The Most Worthy to Remember?


Two king was against each other.When we ask the people “ who is the king?”, first answer will be”on where”.They will probably say on the sand the answer is Nadal but on the grass it is Federer.

On one side Rafael Nadal who borns 1986.He stayed long time being a leader of ATP World ranking Spanish player.He won 16 Grand Slam.In addition to this,he won three US Open titlesten French Open titles,  an Australian Open title, two Wimbledon titles.He is a very famous tennis player who have got caught up in career Grand Slam.Only eight person was able to do this.

On the other side,There Roger Federer was.He was born in 1981.He have had a very succesful career.He won 20 Grand Slam.Also,he won six Australian Open titles, eight Wimbledon titles, five US Open championship an done French Open.He was succeed in capturing a career Gran Slam like Rafael Nadal.

In the most worth remembering match of all the time,there is match that king against to king.20 Grand Slam winner Federer who is the king of the grass was against the king of the sand Nadal who is the 16 Grand Slam winner played  so special made in 19 days and its cost was 1.63 million dollars.Nadal played on the sand and Roger played on the grass.Beacuse of this,the court was made extra super special.King of the grass did not lose last 48 matches on the grass but he lost the game that was against Nadal.When we look at the Nadal who is the king of the sand,he did not lose last 72 matches.King of the sand won the game  7-5 4-6 7-6.

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